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        Glass beads used for
            reflecting road mark
        Glass Beads Used for
            Ball Blastin
        Glass Beads Used For
        Glass beads quality
        Colorful Glass Beads
        Hollow glass microsphere
        standard dry blast
        standard wet blast
        customized automatic

           Sunlight glass beads are specialized in glass beads which are used for ballblasting, road and decoration. Glass sand and colorful glass beads are else available. We have skilled workers, latest technology and strict quality controlling, our quality can satisfy your requirements, now we can produce 8000 tons glass beads every year.

           Our glass beads are strictly in accordance with the international Standards as follows:BS6088 of Great Britain, JIS-R3301 of Japan, AS/NZS of Australia, JT/T446-2001 and GSB Q34001-90 of China, We exported our productions to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Australia, and Italy. We can provide a convenient service for anyone.

           We obtain the relief of the customers with our best quality, Reliable reputation and reasonable price.

        We will be better always!
        Sunlight Glass Beads CO.,LTD.


        Address:39 Room, No.18 Building,Metallurgy Institution,Ying bin Rood, Qinghuangdao City, Hebei Province,China
        Post Code:066000

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