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        Glass beads used for
            reflecting road mark
        Glass Beads Used for
            Ball Blastin
        Glass Beads Used For
        Glass beads quality
        Colorful Glass Beads
        Hollow glass microsphere
        standard dry blast
        standard wet blast
        customized automatic
        Hollow glass microsphere:

            The hollow glass microsphere, which was developed in recent years, is a kind of widely used, excellent performance,new-type material. The product,made of borosilicate, is hollow sphere which grain size is 10-250 micron, wall-thickness 1-2 micron. It has much merit, such as light, low heat conductivity, higher mechanical strength and excellent chemical stability, Its surface was treated by the special way and the products are dispersed very easily in organic materials such as resin.
            Hollow glass microsphere are widely used in composite materials such as FRP, man-made marble and man-made agate. It can decrease the weight of the composite materials and the composite materials have excellent performance of sound insulation and heat preservation. And it can improve the mechanical performance of the composite materials such as strengthened rigidity, enhanced anti-impact property, excellent anti-breaking property and re-processing function. Hollow glass beads are applied in a wide range of fields such as aviation, space flight, new bullet train, luxurious yacht, adiabatic dope, bowing balls, in which they play a distinctive role.
            Hollow glass micro sphere is the excellent sensitizer of emulsion explosive. It can improve the detonation property of emulsion explosive and proling the shelf period of emulsion explosive. And, when used in the resin putty, hollow glass microsphere can increase the volume of the resin putty, improve its polishing function.

        Technical performance of Hollow Microsphere:

        Specifications A B C
        Size range (μm) 10--250 10--100 10--250
        Bulk density (g/cm3) 0.14--0.16 0.22--0.24 0.08--0.10
        Breaking strength (MPa) 2--4 3--5 1.5--3.5
        Rate of floatage (%) ≥93 ≥93 ≥93
        Moisture content (%) ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
        PH 8--9 8--9 8--9

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